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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Ira Gonzalez Moderates American Bar Association Panel on Cannabis

Shareholder Ira Gonzalez, co-chair of the American Bar Committee's Chemical and Toxic Tort subcommittee, moderated an ABA panel discussing, "Potential Health Risks and Regulatory Hurdles Associated with Cannabis and Its Concentrates" in February. 

Program Discussion:
Consumption of cannabis concentrate products now constitutes a substantial and growing percentage of cannabis use. Cannabis concentrates consist of a range of products that are produced by treating the raw cannabis vegetable matter with a solvent to isolate the chemical components of interest. After reviewing the various extraction methods and quality assessment challenges, the panel will discuss what is known (and unknown) about the potential toxicological effects of cannabis extracts. Further, the panel will focus specifically on increased potency, solvent and pesticide residues, terpenes, solvent impurities and flavorings/fragrances. 

In addition, the panel will discuss the new California cannabis regulations that impose significant – and costly – requirements on cannabis businesses, including testing requirements. Beyond those specific obligations, cannabusinesses need to be mindful of other regulatory requirements in California, such as warning requirements under Proposition 65. Failure to comply with Proposition 65 may subject a company to an enforcement action, which in turn may be leveraged by third parties to deny or revoke cannabis licenses. The panel will provide an overview of Proposition 65 and cannabisspecific regulatory requirements and offer insights on managing them.

To listen to the round-table discussion, please click here.

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