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03.26.14:  Medical Malpractice Alert   
  Florida Supreme Court’s Decision in McCall v. U.S:
02.12.14:  Corporate Alert   
  Florida Adopts New Limited Liability Company Act
Recent Articles
04.15.14:  Will Heartbleed Affect Data Breach Insurance Coverage?
Avery A. Dial and Michael A. Monteverde
JD Supra

While the media is understandably paying much attention to the personal security concerns raised by the recent revelation of the Heartbleed security exploit in the TSL Heartbeat Extension of OpenSSL, in the context of insurance coverage, Heartbleed is simply just another exploit for which it is not yet entirely clear whether insurance coverage exists.

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03.10.14:  Base Erosion and Profit Shifting: Views from Peru, Brazil and Mexico
International Bar Association Taxes Newsletter

Alyssa Razook Wan authors "Base Erosion and Profit Shifting: Views from Peru, Brazil and Mexico" in a Report from the International Bar Association 6th Annual US-Latin America Tax Planning Strategies Conference.

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02.27.14:  Bitcoin Does Not Need a Ban, It Needs Enlightened Regulation
John H. Friedhoff in JD Supra
JD Supra

Regulation Goes Both Ways (aka it Requires Compliance to Work)

Assuming Bitcoin investors are made up of speculators and those who want their funds kept secret, the only way it will be legitimized is when the state and federal regulators get the Bitcoin dealers to comply with the law.

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