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Fowler White has earned a reputation in South Florida as the firm to call on when insight and background are needed by the media on various legal trends and issues. Our attorneys are recognized authorities and innovative thought leaders who are regularly quoted on matters of significance by the most highly regarded local and national media outlets.

Florida Jury Rules for Hospital that Deported Immigrant Patient

Helenemarie Blake comments on possible consequences of ruling and how health care providers may want to act in the future when faced with a similar scenario.

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Economy May Prompt More Patients to Flee ED Early, or Against Medical Advice

Helenemarie Blake discusses lawsuits filed by patients who leave emergency rooms without treatment.

Hospital Wins, But Care Still Clouded

Helenemarie Blake is quoted regarding impact of case on future health care and immigration reform discussions.

Don't Toss All Your Practice's E-Mails in the Virtual Trash

Helenemarie Blake discusses storage and protection of e-mail data with patient information.

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Portfolio Companies Hurting

Fabian A. Pal discusses inability of private equity and hedge funds to raise capital and possible impact of proposed transparency legislation in Congress.

Physician Beware: Spotting (and Helping) a Drug-Using Employee

Helenemarie Blake is quoted on a physician’s liability regarding fake prescriptions.

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Dealmakers: Attorney Represents Bank in Refinancing

Norman I. Weil’s representation of CNL Bank in deal to loan $5.3 million to refinance Doral warehouse and adjacent land is discussed.

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